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Mexico's Aerospace Ascent: Navigating New Industry Heights

A Sky-High Leap in Production and Investment

The demand for air transport equipment and maintenance, along with parts and logistics, is expected to climb, requiring regional suppliers to not only boost production but also ensure timely delivery of industry essentials. The notable increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in aerospace equipment manufacturing is a testament to the sector's growth, jumping more than 200% from the previous year.

Regional Hubs of Aerospace Excellence

States like Queretaro, Baja California, Chihuahua, and Nuevo Leon are leading the charge, hosting over 300 companies dedicated to aerospace activities. With 80% focusing on manufacturing and the remaining 20% on maintenance, design, engineering, and operations, the industry's comprehensive ecosystem is a significant driver of technological advancement and economic growth.

Aguascalientes: A New Frontier in Aerospace

Aguascalientes is set to become a central player in the aerospace industry, with ongoing projects and partnerships poised to boost the state's role in space development. With the establishment of the Space Development Center and the implementation of 13 scientific and technological projects, Aguascalientes is gearing up to make a substantial impact on both the national and international aerospace scenes.

Lumex Trade: Navigating the Aerospace Ascendancy

At Lumex Trade, we understand the importance of staying ahead in rapidly evolving industries like aerospace. As Mexico's aerospace sector takes flight, we're here to provide the insights and strategies businesses need to capitalize on these growth opportunities. Whether it's understanding market trends or navigating the intricacies of international investment, Lumex Trade is your partner in achieving altitude in the aerospace arena.

Fly higher with Lumex Trade's expert guidance as Mexico's aerospace industry reaches new heights.

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